… Light-Therapy Masks That Are Perfect for Your Serial-Killer Costume

… these days, celebrities are no longer the only ones who get to wear light-therapy masks and haunt the public’s dreams by Instagramming their LED selfies. There are now several regular-person versions available online, meaning anyone can harness the power of LED light — usually of the blue (bacteria-killing) and red (collagen and elastin-stimulating) varieties — without a fancy dermatologist’s supervision.

Now anyone can reduce inflammation, acne, wrinkles, and discoloration at depths that topical products can’t, and look like a sociopath ascending from the depths of hell while doing it. Now anyone can use Halloween to rationalize a futuristic beauty-tool splurge and have really good skin with consistent use of it over time.

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FDA approved AKLIEF Cream

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a retinoid molecule to treat acne called AKLIEF Cream.
The FDA gave the approval to Galderma for the only topical retinoid that selectively targets retinoic acid receptor (RAR) gamma, the most common RAR found in the skin …
Source – https://www.mdmag.com/medical-news/fda-topical-cream-treat-acne

ACNE MAGAZINE – AcneMag.com – New York, NY 10001 USA

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